Reflective 911 Address Signs

Every second counts during an emergency.  When firefighters, police officers and EMS personnel are responding to emergencies, they can be delayed if they have a difficult time finding your address.  As you can imagine, valuable time can be lost if your house number is not clearly posted where emergency responders can easily see it.

Police, Fire and emergency responders are recommending all homeowners display their address using a highly visible reflective material for an accurate first response.

Our local Cherry Mountain Volunteer Fire Department on Bostic Sunshine Highway offers blue reflective signs, customized with your house number for only $10.

Please contact Steven McDaniel at the Cherry Mountain Volunteer Fire Department - (828) 748-7698

Stakes are available at Lowe’s and Tractor Supply.

If you need assistance with installation, please contact the Community Association Manager by email: [email protected] - or by text or phone: (704) 418-3871

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